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Youth and Social Enterprise

I am currently involved in a social enterprise fellowship called Startinbloc. For those of you who have not heard of this organization, it “educates, empowers and connects emerging leaders to drive positive social change across sectors.” It does so through intensive fellowship programs that provide prospective social entrepreneurs with the tools to become effective in their quest to achieve the so-called “triple-bottom line.”

This type of program also encourages a peer community of social entrepreneurs who share best practices and provide support while in the process of launching a social venture.

As part of the fellowship I was given a business problem that I need to resolve with a group of colleagues, similar to a management consulting assignment. Most specifically, I’m helping a social enterprise develop an effective volunteer program. I hope that my previous experiences at Junior Achievement and coordinating Global Youth Service Day will be helpful!


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Hi Luis,

Thanks for posting on our blog. I love what you’ve written about and am happy we could connect.

I agree with the volunteer component. Kiva has done an amazing job of mobilizing volunteers in support. It’s important to learn from their model and learn to build something replicable. It sounds like you have some great experience in the space. My experience has always been that volunteers line-up when empowered and when committed. It’s a looser management/advisory role that allows people to advocate on their own terms.

Good luck in the endeavor.

Comment by Suneet Bhatt

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