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What’s next for Silda Wall Spitzer? US Senator? President?
March 12, 2008, 12:23 pm
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Very sadly we all learned today that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned his post after it was disclosed in the media that he had been spending around $80,000 in prostitutes. This came from the man that the press liked to call “Mr. Clean” and “Eliot Ness.”

I think other blogs and the general news media have covered this and will continue to cover this episode for days or or weeks to come. Nevertheless, I have not yet read commentary on how this is going to pan out for Spitzer’s wife (I’ve only read one article in the NY Times so far –

Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for her and her family. It must be an extremely difficult situation to be in, and I can’t begin to imagine how she must feel. However, it is hard to understand why she (as other politicians’ wives in the past) stood with her husband as he admitted such a scandalous affair.

Maybe she did it to protect her children or out of some strange type of loyalty towards her husband. Regardless of why she did it, she might want to consider some prospective opportunities based on the history of a similar disraught wife: Hillary Clinton.

A lot of cynics have commented on the reasons why Hillary Clinton remained married to Bill Clinton after the series of sex scandals that have been linked to the former president’s life. Many of them claim that she stayed eyeing a potential political career. This theory has been given credibility by how well she has done for herself in the political arena. Silda Wall Spitzer resembles Hillary in interesting ways; they both left lucrative law practices to support their husbands’ political careers, and both have shown a particular interest in promoting children’s causes.

Given the similarities, it might be interesting to see if Silda Wall Spitzer is also accused of sticking to her husband for the prospects of a potential political career. Only time will tell, but who knows… Maybe New Yorkers will have a Sen. Silda W. Spitzer very soon!


Minerva Sound Society – intercultural understanding or just a lot of fun?
March 10, 2008, 11:05 pm
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Minerva Sound Society

Today I found out that my buddy Rob Camstra has a new band in the Netherlands. The name of the band is Minerva Sound Society and it is made up by 10 students in the Netherlands who play a pretty funky sound! They are also a sort of cultural ambassador troupe for the Netherlands, traveling the world and sharing good will. If you are interested check them out! They have videos of their performances in China, Dubai and Nigeria as well as some of their music.

Rob and I know each other from our time playing together in Curacao. We used to have a band named Retrospective, and we did pretty well for ourselves – even though we were just in high school!
Make sure you check out Rob’s band!



Fidelity promoting genocide??

A couple of days ago I received a notice from Fidelity Investments letting me know that because of my 401k, I had the opportunity to vote on the upcoming motions to be introduced during the next board of directors meeting. The notice says that the board of directors suggests that as partial owner of a fund that invests internationally, I should vote to approve a motion to include new board members and another one that reduces the size of the quorum. Incredibly enough, the board of Fidelity Investments suggests that I vote against a motion that bans Fidelity from investing in countries that are engaged in genocide. Whaaat? You read it right! Fidelity Investments wants me to support their practice of investing in countries (like Sudan) that promote genocide. This is crazy!

I did some research and it seems that Fidelity is investing on Chinese oil companies (such as PetroChina) that are operating in Sudan, which provide funding to the Sudanese government, which supports the Arab militias wreaking havoc in Darfur.  Activists have started organize against Fidelity, and have already started campaigns to push Fidelity into responsible investments and out of Sudan (see 

I know that I will vote against Fidelity Investments on this, and hope that others consider doing this as well (for more information on how you can get involved check out: I am also researching ways to roll out my 401k out of Fidelity into a private IRA, because I can’t believe that in 2008 we still have companies blatantly refusing to work responsibly.